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What's Inside?

24/7 access to experts who will support you and answer your questions
Learn how to send 1000s of
emails a day that print
meetings on auto-pilot 
Expert led webinars every month with immediate access to all past webinars
Step-by-step blueprint to landing your first client

Discounted software and exclusive lifetime deals

Bi-Weekly mastermind calls teaching
the most up-to-date and effective outreach strategies
A proven formula to 10x conversions from your website

Recorded sales calls with real prospects 

Tools to find emails for any decision-maker on the planet

Software video walkthroughs so you can start using them immediately 
Learn how to print meetings using LinkedIn like a pro

Access to emails that are printing meetings in multiple industries 

And so much more...
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What People Have To Say About Closing Clients Group

Jeremy received an immediate 10x ROI
Travis on our recorded webinars
Olly hit 8 clients within 4 months of joining!
Jeremy is a very experienced cold outreach expert who finds value in our advanced strategies
Jacob promoting the value of the group
Jacob going from 20K to 100K a month! Incredible result
First client within one month!
Best Investment for Mat
Travis was able to quit his 9-5
Helping Peter land his 2nd and 3rd clients
Brennon loves our resources
Kevin closing a $7K consulting deal after consulting with one of our experts
We're at the forefront  of everything outreach
Peter showing love for our resources
First client secured!
Community, meeting in real life
Travis printing meetings using our email templates!
Saddek on the group
Ax talking about one of our many recorded webinars
Harbaksh signing his first client!
Helping Tom close clients!
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An INSTANT return on your investment
When you join closing clients group you get:
  • Bonus: Instant access to 380+ resources from step-by-step guides, to SOPs and video walkthroughs
  • Features: Every resources you could possibly need to 10x your outreach 
  • Value: $999
  • Bonus: Conquer Cold Calling
  • Features: The ultimate framework to conquer cold calling 
  • Value: $98
  • Bonus: How to start a LinkedIn agency
  • Features: A step-by-step guide to creating and running a successful LinkedIn lead generation agency
  • Value: $997
  • Discounted: Discounted software
  • Features: Discounted: Apollo, LIA, LinkedIn Avatars, Inboxy, Client Scraper, Sales Navigator, LeadFormatter, Canva and Pabbly
  • Value: $259/month
  • Discounted: Scrape Apollo
  • Features: The only tool on the market that automates your lead list building process valued at $6K/year by Apollo
  • Value: $250
  • Discounted: Closing Clients Call Script
  • Features: A sales call framework that has generated $millions in sales
  • Value: $300
That's an instant 30x ROI upon joining

Total Value: $2,903



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$450/Lifetime Access

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Closing Clients Group for?

Closing Clients Group is for anyone that SELLS A B2B OFFER. It doesn't matter if you're an SDR who books meetings or a business owner that sells leads, websites or runs a SaaS company, as long as you target other businesses.

 If you do not have or do not plan on selling a B2B offer then this group is not for you

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime through your Launchpass account

 How long does it take to see the results of joining?

On average, a new member closes a client within 19 days of joining Closing Clients Group

What platform does Closing Clients use to manage the community?

We use Launchpass to manage your subscription and Slack to communicate with the community

Who owns Closing Clients Group?
If you have any further questions, email us here
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